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Super Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine


WAZA840-NC Splash guard + Rear splash guard


NAGASHIMA original structure

The workhead and column are integrally structured to enhance infeed accuracy and rigidity for heavy duty grinding.


Operator friendly CNC Machine

WAZAμ is equipped with a FANUC. High versatility and operability are achieved by combining the FANUC control with our original interactive software.

Increasing Operational Efficiency with a Simplified Operation Screen

Control panel

WAZAµ's interactive screen is so simple. It changes the concept of CNC machine. Even an operator, who has never used CNC machine, can manage with ease. Machining conditions can be set up in one time to start automated operation.

"Handwheels" for High Performance CNC Machine

Hand wheel

To overcome the image of "non-operator-friendly" of CNC machine, WAZAµ provides a versatile system, such as handwheels for both longitudinal and cross axes. Instantly switch over from CNC to versatile operation. This CNC machine even has high productivity in multikind small-lot production.

The Simple interactive Software

Standard Grinding Features

Surface Grinding

Cross pitch or traverse feed allows surface grinding. B/F reversing positions are easily set by teaching operation.

Program Grinding

Multiple surfaces and grooves are processed at one time.

Groove Grinding

Grooves of two different heights, depths, and pitches are processed at one time.

Contour Grinding

Shape input allows contour grinding. Three different shape programs (rough/medium/finish) can be set at one machining.

Dressing Devices ※1

Maintains grinding wheel shape automatically and constantly during machining

Point Dresser

Single point dresser enables automatic parallel dressing during machining. Automatic machining can be performed without concerning about grinding wheel dulling.
※It is a standard equipment when the dresing device is mounted.

Point dresser

Rotary Dresser

Rotary dresser enables forming of grinding wheels and automatic dressing during machining. Multiple grinding wheel shapes can be formed continuously.


※1 The width of magnetic chuck is 100mm smaller with a dressing device.

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ItemsUnitMachine size
Chuck size (without dressing device)mm400×150500×200600×300600×400800×400
Chuck size (with dressing device)mm300×150400×200500×300500×400700×400
Table surface to spindle centermm500
Max. travelUp/Down (Y)mm400
Back/Forward (Z)mm190240350430430
Feed speedRapid (G00)mm/min.back/forward Max.1200 up/down Max.600
Grinding (G01)mm/min.back/forward Max.1200 up/down Max.600
Left/Rightmm/min.1 ∼ 301 ∼ 25
Least input incrementUp/Down (Y)mm0.0001
Back/Forward (Z)mm0.0001
Wheel size (OD/ID/W)mm∅255/∅50.8/25
Taper (Max. dia×taper)∅33×1/6 
(OP GW∅205→∅25×1/4)
(OP GW∅255→∅33×1/6)
Wheel spindle speed (inverter)rpm0∼3600
Wheel sindle motorkW2.27.5
Control unitFANUC
Machine weightkg16002000350038004000
Floor space (W/D)mm2350×19252970×25103940×27603940×29504130×2950
Power consumptionkVA1414202020
Standard equipment and functions : Standard equipment : Optional ―: Not available
Splash Guard (enclosure is optional)Splash guardSplash guard + Rear splash guard
Coolant unitPaper filter type with magnet separator 240ℓ
Magnet chuckPermanent electromagnetic chuck
Chuck controller
Vertical feed (Y) and cross feed (Z)
pulser handwheels
Longitudinal feed (X) handwheel
Wheel axis inverter
Scale & indicatorVertical axis (Y) & cross axis (Z) / 0.0001mm
Lubrication methodAutomatic lubrication system with oil shortage detection
Single-point dresser ※1Dedicated for external parallel dressing type (※1 only with table dress)
High speed reciprocating function
Standard grinding function
Surface grinding (incl. surface within groove)
Groove grinding
Program grinding (surface + groove)
Contour grinding
Dressing devices (optional)
Rotary dresser (single disc)
Rotary dresser (two discs)

: Standard equipment : Optional ―: Not available

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