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Quality Policy

All Handcrafted, All Real Deal

Quality of traditional skills leads to submicron accuracy. "KISAGE Process" is a method to produce ideal surfaces by scraping sliding surfaces. We follow the tradition of "KISAGE" to manufacture machines for the customers to be pleased.


KISAGE Process

Reliable Made Products that are Made to Last

Machine tools industry has been changed of the times. CNC unit improved in quality and function, and emphasized on accuracy of compensation rather than machine accuracy. We maintain a commitment to "reliable products", "user friendly", and "all users". We believe such machines are only accomplished by handcrafted.


Attached Engineer's Name to All Machines

A name plate with a message, "I made this grinding machine with sincerity and passion. Please love this machine and use it for years." is attached to all products. Even after 10 years, service engineer's name can be recognized for users at all times.