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JIMTOF2020 Online

We inform you that JIMTOF2020Online will be held on Nov. 16 to Nov.27, 2020. We are going to exhibit five models, surface grinding machine "WAZA", cylindrical grinding machine "NOG-2HF", "NMGM-2HF", external thread grinding machine "TO10-30" and "NTG-600.

Name of ExhibitionJIMTOF2020 Online
Website: http://www.jimtof.org/online/jp/index.html
Date※Nov. 16 (Mon.) 10:00 a.m. (JST)- Nov. 27 (Fri.) 5:00 p.m. (JST), 2020
*Archive period: Nov. 27 (Fri.) 5:00 p.m. (JST) - Dec. 11 (Fri.) 5:00 p.m. (JST), 2020

JIMTOF2020 Exhibits

Exhibit 1 (First Public Exhibition)

Super Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine


This is the latest model of the super precision CNC profile surface grinding machine "WAZA series".

High-precision positioning can be performed on the up-down, front-back and left-right axes while maintaining our original mechanical structures of surface grinding machine such as the double V sliding guideway of each axis and the integral structure of column and wheelhead. In addition, it is equipped with a function that can grind multiple workpieces with different heights and a automatic on-machine measurement system. As a result, after starting an automatic machining, it is possible to automatically grind to the set dimensions without operator intervention.

Exhibit 2 (First Public Exhibition)

Super Precision High Efficiency Cylindrical Grinding Machine

NOG-2HF with AWC

A three-axis structured cylindrical grinding machine equipped with a workhead spindle and two grinding wheels.

Performing rough and finish grinding with two grinding wheels at the same time enables high-efficiency grinding. By grinding between centers, it is possible to finish from sintered blank material to the desired shape only with this machine. The distance between centers is up to 300 mm, it is ideal for machining punch pins for dies and tool base materials. This machine is equipped with an automatic workpiece changer (loading device) which will premiere at the JIMTOF2020 Online, and enables continuous machining of up to 24 workpieces. In addition, an on-machine laser measuring device automatically measures and corrects outer diameters. You can make effective use of nighttime and holiday time for production.

Exhibit 3 (First Public Exhibition)

Compact Type Precision External Thread Grinding Machine

TO10-30 with AWC

TO10-30 is the smallest external thread grinding machine in our products. A significant space saving has been achieved compared to general thread grinding machines. It is eqquiped with a various grinding wheel forming function that can form ball screw shape as well as trianglar screw shape and our original interactive software, even an operator who is new to thread grinding can perform high-precision machining. Also, this machine is equipped with a workpiece changing robot arm, which can further save labor and improve production efficiency.

Exhibit 4

Super Precision Multifunctional Cylindrical Grinding Machine


A three-axis structured cylindrical grinding machine equipped with a workhead spindle and two grinding wheels. Performing rough and finish grinding with two grinding wheels at the same time enables enhancing machining efficiency of workpieces with a large grinding allowance and workpieces that require a lot of man-hours. Any operator can easily perform difficult machining such as pin processing with a very small diameter of φ0.1 mm or less. The maximum machining length is about 220 mm and is ideal for machining punches of dies and tool base materials. We strongly support users who are considering in-house production of punches and tool base materials.

Exhibit 5

Precision External Thread Grinding Machine


The helix angle can be set automatically by entering the effective screw diameter, pitch, and number of threads. Direct numerical input of helix angles is also possible. It has overwhelming mechanical rigidity, durability, and follow-up accuracy, and it enables stable high-precision thread machining. Equipped with an on-machine dressing device, you can easily perform grinding wheel forming with an interactive software. It also equipped with a correction function, it enables correcting various errors that occur during actual machining.