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High Efficiency Creates Your Time.

Super Precision High Efficiency Cylindrical Grinding Machine


NOG-2HF with AWC


Ideal for tool base materials and die punching

Reinforce labor saving measures

High-efficiency cylindrical grinding machines are mainly used for machining tool base materials and die punches. In general processing equipment, there are many cases which multiple processes are required, but this version upgrade will greatly solve the problem.

AWC equipped model

Achieve further efficiency

The super precision and high-efficiency cylindrical grinding machine NOG-2HF is equipped with an automatic workpiece loading device.

The loading device also supports loading of stepped base materials, enabling unmanned continuous machining of up to 24 pieces. In addition, since it is processible a single item by manually setting the workpiece without using a loading device, it is possible to perform the optimum processing according to the production quantity.

Automated supply, processing and measurement

From measurement to processing correction

This machine is equipped with an on-board laser measuring instrument. The workpiece size is measured at the designated position, and correction processing is performed automatically. Since the measurement is performed by laser, it is unnecessary to change the setup for each work shape, and is possible to perform automatic measurement with various workpieces. In addition, it is equipped with many functions required for automatic continuous machining, such as an end face detection function.

High efficiency processing with two wheels

One-pass processing from sintered material

This machine holds the workpiece at both centers and performs high-efficiency machining with two rough and finishing wheels. With this function, it integrates the three processes of pre-processing, rough grinding, and finish grinding. It can unmanned machining without attendance of an operator, from the state of the base material which has a margin equivalent to cutting, to the state of finished cylindrical grinding with a shape.


Swing over table/Distance between centers∅180 / 300(mm)
Max. workpiece sizewidth:∅30 (mm) / length: 300 (mm) / weight: 2 kg
Wheel size (Y axis)∅250 (mm)
Speed (Z axis)0 ∼ 6000 (rpm)
Wheel size (Z axis)∅250 (mm)
Stock number24

The New "WAZA" Begins.

Super Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine



Plain and easy with on-board measurement

High accuracy even unmanned operation

Equipped with a high-precision on-machine workpiece measurement function by controlling 3 axes (U/D, B/F, and L/R). The height of the workpiece after machining is automatically measured, and correction machining is also performed automatically. Automatic measurement is also be used to detect the position of the workpiece.

The workpiece can be finished as requested dimensions easily, just setting it on the machine without the operator's handling.

Supports various workpieces with L/R positioning function

From general-purpose processing to contouring processing

A ball screw drive system is used for the L/R axis, enabling highly accurate position management. In addition to general-purpose surface and groove grinding, it supports a wide range of machining, including machining of scraping punches, machining of multiple workpieces with different shapes, and contouring grinding. It supports efficiency of the grinding process.

Mechanical structure pursuing high precision

Guarantees long-term high accuracy

We adopted a column head integral structure, a feature of Nagashima Seiko, to the vertical structure, and double V structure to all sliding surfaces. Furthermore, scraped surface realized both high rigidity and high accuracy.

Since it has a mechanical structure that follows the features of our conventional surface grinding machines, it can be used with confidence even in machining with high precision prescribed.


Chuck size (without dresser)500 × 200 (mm)
Chuck size (with dresser)400 × 200 (mm)
Wheel size∅255 × ∅50.8 × 25 (mm)
Speed (Inverter)0 ∼ 3600 (rpm)
OptionSingle-point dresser
OptionSingle-disc rotarydresser
Option3-axes scale feedback

Automation in a Compact Body.

Compact Type Precision External Thread Grinding Machine

TO10-30 with AWC


Automated precision grinding of external thread

Strong support for improving production efficiency

By installing an AWC (Automated Workpiece Changer) system that uses a robot arm and a dedicated pallet on board, unmanned continuous machining of precision external threads has become possible. High-precision products can be processed under unmanned status by the operator just set the base material on a dedicated pallet and input the necessary values. Since it is possible to raise the production quantity by performing automatic continuous processing, it improves productivity dramatically.

Automatic detection of machining start position

Reduced pre-processing setup time

Equipped with a lead pickup function that automatically detects the machining start position if the base metal is pre-machined. With this function, it is not necessary to mind the orientation when setting the grinding carrier on the workpiece or when setting the workpiece on the pallet, so it is possible to reduce the workload of the operator and the setup time.

Multi-functional and compact

Supports various screw processing in a small space

Although this machine is a compact machine that can be installed in a space of about 2 square meters, it can process various type of screws from triangular screws to taper screws and ball screws. Since the original interactive screen is equipped, high precision thread is processed just the operator inputting the necessary values according to the drawing. Although this machine is equipped with the AWC system, manual setting of the workpiece and individual process is available, so it can use flexible manufacturing system and unmanned continuous processing.


Swing over table180 (mm)
max. length of thread300 (mm)
Wheel size (OD/ID/W)∅305 / ∅50.8 / 20 (mm)
Speed3000 (rpm)
Main spindle CenterMT No.2
Workhead spindle CenterMT No.2
Stock number20

Increased productivity by 200%

Super Precision Multifunctional Cylindrical Grinding Machine



Change the concept of cylindrical grinding.

Simultaneous rough and finish grinding

This machine is mounted two wheels. By using two wheels at the same time, it can efficiently process workpieces with a grinding allowance in millimeters. In addition, by combining two different particle size of the wheels, roughing and finishing can be performed at the same time, so the production process can be greatly integrated.

Compatible with various shapes

Original software installed

Installed a FANUC control device as standard equipment. With our interactive original software, it supports cylindrical grinding of various shapes. The shape programming support software reduces the workload of the operator, and anyone can easily conduct cylindrical machining.

Assists labor saving

Automatic Workpiece Changer (AWC) is available

Also supports Automatic Workpiece Changer (AWC) using a robot arm or loading device is available. Efficient production is possible by using the AWC function. By effectively utilizing the time of night and holidays, the operating rate of machines can be raised and the number of productions can be increased.


Scroll chuckmax. 5 inches
Wheel spindle (Y) wheel size∅250 (mm)
Wheel spindle (Y) speed0 ∼ 6000 (rpm)
Wheel spindle (Z) wheel size∅150 ∼ ∅200 (mm)
Wheel spindle (Z) speed0 ∼ 6000 (rpm)

Our new standard machine that will carry thread grinding into the future.

Precision External Thread Grinding Machine



Surprisingly easy to operate

User-friendly thread grinding machine

This machine does not require any difficult calculations in thread grinding or manual adjustment of the machine.

Precision thread can be ground by simply setting a workpiece and inputting specifications to the interactive screen according to a drawing. Since no operator operation is required from the start to the end of grinding, NTG-600 is ideal for improving the productivity of high precision ball screws, screw gauges and others.

Equipped with on-machine dressing device as standard

Various machining can be performed only with this NTG-600

There are various types of thread shapes, from the most common triangular thread shape to multi-start threads and ball screws. In addition to the above shapes, NTG-600 can be freely ground special shapes, which is not in general standards, by using the on-machine dressing device. Since special threads can be ground easily by changing input specifications, it is possible to differentiate from other companies' products.

Achieves as shown in a drawing

Substantial correction function

On our original interactive screen, you can easily make various corrections for input items. Since fine adjustments such as thread shape, lead and effective diameter range correction can be performed only by inputting on the screen, it is possible to reliably finish the drawing dimensions regardless of an operator.


Swing over table320 (mm)
Max. length of thread600 (mm)
Wheel size (OD/ID/W)∅405 / ∅152.4 / 20 (mm)
Speed2500 (rpm)
Main spindle CenterMT No.4
Workhead spindle CenterMT No.3